Youth and Nutrition

Click here to make these yummy fruit roll-ups.

Fruit Roll-ups

Miller Education Center West (MECW) youth demonstrated a tasty alternative to fruit roll-ups for some of their younger peers, recently. Inside the kitchen of the MECW cafeteria, a group of MIKE teens featured their favorite versions of several easy-to-make healthy snacks as part of their Health Leadership Project.

Rachel, one of the MIKE youth who developed the Healthy Snacks Cooking Project, wanted to share how easy it is for teens to make their own healthy snacks. She and her team researched the nutritional values of foods they wanted to feature in the project. Then, they determined cost, availability and ease of preparation for several snacks.

One of the team’s selections was a hearty alternative to fruit roll-ups. As one of the spokespersons for her team, Rachel shared each step for preparing the fruit roll-ups before a group of eighth graders and their teachers. Now, you can watch Rachel prepare this yummy snack and share it with others. Click on the image to download the step-by-step guide.


Click here to download the yogurt pops recipe.

Frozen Yogurt Pops

MIKE Mentor Janna Pirnat looked for creative ways to introduce healthy snacks to youth at Miller Education Center West in Hillsboro. The healthy snacks help reinforce positive eating habits for the youth. Now you can enjoy her frozen treats. Click on the image to download the recipe card.