Liberty High School

Hillsboro, Oregon

MIKE at Liberty Report 2016MIKE Program has partnered with Liberty High School since 2015. MIKE’s afterschool program attracts youth who are interested in health care careers and need an extra credit toward graduation. The youth gain valuable experience, knowledge and skills, which helps them academically and personally.

MIKE Site Facilitator Ramona Toth, a chemistry teacher at Liberty, collaborates with MIKE to offer the youth engaging lessons in nutrition, physical fitness, anatomy and chronic disease prevention. The youth have several opportunities to meet guest speakers and content experts, who bring the many facets of the health care industry into the classroom.

By the end of the program, the youth have transitioned from learning to leading community outreach efforts to share healthy messages with their peers, families, fellow students and others.

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MIKE Mentor Yemaly Alexander

Celebrating Healthy Outcomes

MIKE Mentor Yemaly Alexander congratulates Roberto for his success in Liberty High School’s first year with MIKE Program. Yemaly, a native of Venezuela, is a trained health promoter with the Providence Medical Outreach Program and a trainer for the Spanish-language Tomando Control de su Salud. She and two other mentors guided 17 youth through MIKE Program during the spring semester.

MIKE Health Leadership Project

Sporting Healthy Goals

Youth at Liberty High School achieved several goals this spring. As part of MIKE’s afterschool program, youth developed enhanced leadership skills to share healthy messages with their peers. One mentor team, guided by MIKE Mentor Alvin Trieu, hosted a soccer tournament for their school. The youth shared healthy snacks and information, while engaging their peers on the field.

MIKE youth share healthy messages in wearable art.

Wearables with a Health Message

About midway through MIKE’s programming, youth participate in a design competition to create a class t-shirt. The youth use the opportunity to create a health message which expresses their talents and ideas. Youth at Liberty High School took time to incorporate several ideas into their class shirt, valuing the input of each mentor team. They proudly wore their shirts during their Health Leadership Project presentations.

School Details: MIKE Program launched its newest partnership with Liberty High School in February 2015. The afterschool program supplements the school’s Health Services track, offering credit to youth who successfully complete the program. Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, Liberty High School enrolls more than 1,400 students with 46 percent considered economically disadvantaged.