Kaiser Permanente Technical Assistance Fund

About the Partnership:

As part of the Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Initiative, the Kaiser Permanente Technical Assistance Fund awarded MIKE Program an opportunity to develop a strategic plan through the guidance of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO). Barb Gibbs, a senior consultant with NAO, guided members of MIKE’s Board of Directors, Advisory Board, staff and volunteers through a series of trainings and work sessions for a three-year plan. The plan includes opportunities to scale MIKE’s unique health initiative and focus on more communities.

About the Kaiser Permanente Technical Assistance Fund:

Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Initiative awards consulting and training services to help nonprofit organizations build capacity for improving the health of Oregonians. Nonprofits are pre-authorized through the NAO.

For more information, visit http://share.kaiserpermanente.org/category/about-community-benefit/ and http://www.nonprofitoregon.org/.