Institute for Youth Success (formerly Oregon Mentors)

About the Partnership:

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MIKE Program successfully completed the Institute for Youth Success’ Quality-Based Mentoring (QBM) Program in December 2014, (formerly known as Oregon Mentors). The QBM program strengthened MIKE’s mentor management procedures, providing for greater impact with MIKE youth in the classroom.

About the Institute for Youth Success:

Through its transition from Oregon Mentors to the Institute for Youth Success (IYS) and merging with Education Northwest, IYS continues to support and empower youth programs and organizations. IYS supports more than 190 youth programs, increasing quality and efficiencies to strengthen youth development programs.

The IYS merged with Education Northwest in August 2015. Education Northwest has provided high-quality research, technical assistance and professional development services focused on improving the lives of children across the Pacific Northwest since 1966.

For more information, visit Education Northwest and the Institute for Youth Success.