Founding Legacy of MIKE Program

Michael Hartnett, MD

A Living Memorial

MIKE Program serves as a living memorial to Michael (Mike) N. Hartnett, MD, who embodied the best of the wisdom, kindness, and caring of the medical colleagues he left behind at Northwest Renal Clinic (NWRC) in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Hartnett was the first nephrology fellow at what is now Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU.) He received training to become a board certified nephrologist in the newly established Division of Nephrology under the direction of William Bennett, MD, FACP. Dr. Bennett, professor emeritus OHSU, is Director of Legacy Good Samaritan, Solid Organ and Cellular Transplantation, in Portland, Oregon, and founding member of the Advisory Board of MIKE Program.

Mike Hartnett took care of patients for many years in his offices at NWRC in Portland, The Dalles, and La Grande, Oregon. He volunteered at what was first the Kidney Association of Oregon (KAO) and then the National Kidney Foundation of Oregon and Washington (NKF-ORWA). With Charles Martinson, MD, a member of the Founding Board of Directors of MIKE Program, he was co-medical director of dialysis at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland. He treated patients at dialysis centers and hospitals throughout the tri-county metropolitan area. Dr. Hartnett served as a nephrologist in the offices of NWRC from 1975 until his retirement in 1998. He died of lymphoma in 2000. He was 58.


MIKE Program is the legacy of work of Mike Harnett, MD, his colleagues, and hundreds of volunteers. MIKE Program stands for Multicultural Integrated Kidney Education Program. Shortly after his service, members of Dr. Hartnett’s community expressed an interest in establishing a living memorial which would embrace and carry forward his life’s work. They met with Cheryl Neal, MD, his widow, in 2000 to develop a program that would embody Dr. Hartnett’s interests and concerns. MIKE Program was founded on his vision of education and prevention for populations at high risk of kidney insufficiency. Dr. Hartnett’s belief in the power of education, reinforced with personal experience with diverse learning styles and collaborative problem-solving is the foundation for MIKE Program.

MIKE Program received its 501(c)3 status in August, 2003.